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Summer Essentials and Where to Get Them

Summer Essentials and Where to Get Them

By Megan Berryman


1. Two Piece Sets

These two pieces are the go-to summer ensemble and can be worn for anything from a BBQ to a concert. Dressed up or down this is the perfect outfit for the girl on the go. They are easy to throw on, and make you look like you have your life together. Even if you did need a venti coffee to survive the day (that can just be our little secret). The best place to get two pieces this summer is Showpo, or  Cupshe.


2.  Skorts

Skorts are officially making a comeback. With rugged edges and sharp lines, they are the perfect statement piece to add to your wardrobe. Another option could be for your sorority to wear skorts during 1st rounds of recruitment. With everyone wearing this fashion-forward statement piece, the PNM’s are sure to remember your chapter! Skorts can be bought at Boohoo or Tobi and they are both reasonably priced!



3. Statement Sunglasses

Statement sunglasses can make you feel like you are on top of the world. If you have a stylish pair of sunglasses on, your day will instantly be better. Shay Mitchell has a line of statement sunglasses named Quay Australia which are reasonably priced and out of this world.


4. One Piece Bathing Suits

These are not your mom’s bathing suits! One pieces are on trend and here to stay. Any and every girl could benefit from having a solid one piece in their wardrobe. My go-to place to get cute and fashion-forward one pieces that are not extremely revealing is PacSun.

5. Beach Blanket

Whether you are your friends are hitting the beach, at a park, or watching fireworks, you need a blanket that will never fail you for insta-worthy moments. With the circle shape and the warm colors Vessos is a great and affordable place to get a gorgeous beach blanket that everyone can share.

6. Overalls/Two Toned Jean

Even though the weather is way too hot this summer overalls or anything jean related are a must!! With the variety jeans offer you should be able to find the perfect pair of overalls. Another trending jean look this summer is two-toned denim. This classic look gives any outfit a fashionable twist. It’s the perfect ensemble for an easy day out and about.


7. Pins, Patches, & Puffballs

Who wouldn't want a little ball of fluff on your car keys, wallet, or purse? They add a little bit of spunk to any outfit. In addition pins are all the rage this summer. You could rock countless sassy/sarcastic pins if you added them to your backpack. Likewise throw some patches on your oversize jean jacket inspired by the 80’s. Brandy Melville has puffballs for $6! While Urban Outfitters has a wide array of pins and patches for your sassy self!


8. Platforms

Ditch the uncomfortable heels and wedges, platforms are now the way to go! Almost anywhere you go you will see a girl in some kind of platform shoe. Whether it’s metallic or black, dressed up or dressed down, platforms are perfect for any occasion. They are effortless yet show that you have a bit of edge or course. Steve Madden and Asos are my go-to stores for anything platform.

9. Inflatables

You hate to love them, but how can you not when you live in the same world as a life size inflatable pizza.These fun floaties are perfect for pool days with friends and countless pictures. You are guaranteed to have a ball with these at a graduation party, birthday party, or even a sorority event! I would say that Amazon is the way to go with these unless you feel like splurging then I would recommend Urban Outfitters.  



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