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10 Reasons To Go Greek

If being a part of something bigger isn’t enough to convince you to go Greek, here are 10 more reasons why you should!

1. Lifelong friendships

It’s not four years, it’s for life. Many people decide to go greek because they want to meet new people. Greek life is a great outlet for this—it gives you four years to make memories with the girls who will become your future bridesmaids, your ride-or-dies, and your best friends! No matter where you end up after graduation, you’ll have lifelong friends.




2. Networking Opportunities

The Greek community gives you connections all over the world. Your sisters (and alumni!) are great resources for helping you land internships and post-graduation jobs. Who knows? You may walk into an interview one day and find out that the hiring manager is a sister!

3. Life Skills

You will learn a lot of different skills throughout your college years. Joining a Greek organization allows you to actually apply those skills. For instance, you’ll learn how to effectively communicate with other people. If you choose to hold a position within your sorority, you’ll learn a lot about responsibility. You’ll learn how to plan events, market your sorority, and be an effective manager.

4. Involvement on Campus

The great thing about college is the variety of organizations that you can join. Once you’re involved on campus, you’ll find out about so many different events and you’ll always have things to do. Being a part of the Greek community means you’ll participate in philanthropy events, socials, formals, and more! Bonus: being involved on campus always looks great to future employers!

5. Time Management

Being involved in Greek Life will teach you great time management skills. You’ll have sorority events, meetings, classes, homework and maybe even a job to juggle each week. Greek life will give you no other option than to learn how to prioritize your time and get things done.

6. Leadership Experience

Going Greek encourages you to step outside of your comfort zone. Once you join your organization, you might find that you want to step into a leadership position. With this responsibility, you’ll learn so many useful skills that you can apply in the future.




7. Grades

Contrary to what the stereotypes say, Greek life actually pushes for better grades. In general, Greeks have a higher GPA than non-Greeks. When you’re in an organization of 100+ girls, the chances are very high that you can find someone with the same major as you to study with!

8. Philanthropy

Every organization has their own philanthropic cause. When you join a Greek organization, you’ll learn about that cause and grow passionate about it. You’ll want to give back by fundraising and making your philanthropy events the best that they can be. You’ll also support other causes by attending other organization’s events.

9. Support

Greek Life is an incredibly supportive community. No matter what situation you’re going through, your sisters will have your back. Your fellow Greek members will always encourage you to follow your dreams; no matter how far-fetched they may be.

10. Memories

Being a part of Greek Life enhances your overall college experience. Every event will give you memories to last a lifetime. Once you graduate and step into the real world, you’ll be able to look back and know that there was nothing you missed out on.




Written by: Kellyn McMullan

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