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Why You Should Join A Sorority Even if You're Not the "Sorority Type"

Why You Should Join A Sorority Even if You're Not the "Sorority Type"

By Logan Nelson


Your sorority will help you figure out who you are and what you want to do in college.

My university has over 25,000 students, and when I got to college I looked to my sorority sisters for guidance. I was overwhelmed with all of the activities and clubs that were available and my sisters were always up to speed on what club looks best on your resume, what intramural is the most fun, and what organization was best for my major. With their guidance, I ended up being a homecoming director, a recruitment counselor for Panhellenic, and even got an on-campus job. Knowing myself, I would have never had these opportunities without my sorority because I would have been too overwhelmed and timid to step out of my comfort zone and explore.

You will surround yourself with strong, independent, and driven women.

I vividly remember sitting in a particular chapter house during recruitment and talking to one of the chapter’s members about girl power. I remember this moment because it finally clicked that I was joining an organization that is all about empowering women. Although sorority life sometimes gets a bad rap, it was a groundbreaking moment because I realized that these Panhellenic organizations are building women as scholars and leaders.

It will help you feel like you're a part of something.

I find that my contributions really do make a difference. This upcoming recruitment, I have the opportunity to help women find their homes away from home. When I look back to three years ago, I was very unsure about Greek life and if it was for me. Now, I will be guiding women through the recruitment process and helping them find their homes. I never thought that I would be part of something that I am now so passionate about and a spokeswoman for.


You will have a sense of purpose on a college campus.

I walk around my huge campus with my head held high because I am a proud member of my chapter. I know where my home is and where I can reach my second family. Whenever I’m having a bad day, I know that I can go to my sorority house and regroup for a couple minutes or even a couple of hours. When I connect back with my sisters after a long day, I am reminded of who I am and where I am going. They enable me to stay grounded. Through my sorority, I am reminded that I have a bright future ahead of me.

You will meet people just like yourself who aren't the “typical sorority girls” either.

I am convinced that my little and I were separated at birth. From the moment I met my little, I knew that she was going to be at my chapter house on bid day and we have been inseparable ever since. I take pride in our Greek family and the fact that we all have hoop nose rings, but my little took it a step further by getting a septum ring. If that doesn't prove that any type of woman can be in a sorority, I don’t know what does. My little is my best friend and it blows my mind that we probably never would have met if it wasn’t for Greek life.

You will create strong bonds with women who will be lifelong friends.

Even though I was looking for women who were like me, it is amazing how many women aren’t--and I love them even more for it. It is refreshing to build relationships with women who are nothing like you. When I was going through recruitment it never crossed my mind that there were women that I would become best friends with that are nothing like me at all. Through this whole experience, I have realized that my besties do not have to be clones of me. I wouldn’t trade my friendships with my “typical sorority girl” friends for anything. I have come to appreciate how different people can be, but also how many things you can have in common with people too.

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